Serviced Writing

Think Website Marketing makes life easy for you by providing writing services, so you don’t worry about getting interest in your websties, etc. or doing everything yourself.  We complete anything you need from the simplest to the greatest.  Our fully integrated marketing programs put together all the features of social media, websites, etc. to give your business the right message delivered to the widest audience to build your business.  You can leave the work to us or be involved with the process, the key to remember – we help and support you to get a good result.

Simple Work

We do many forms of writing for you.  The simplest is TRANSCRIPTION SERVICES, Transcription is simply rewriting what you already have.  For instance transcription from audio to text (the spoken word into the written word).  Other examples might be rewriting hand notes into computer files or recording the speech from video.  None of this includes any creative input, we just type-up the words into a simple word document and email the results to you.  To keep the costs down, it is a good idea to send us a digital version of the music, writing or video.


Creative Work

The team loves to do creative work, from COPYWRITING to ARTICLE CREATION.  Wonderful for drawing people’s attention and increasing your SEO.  Whether you want us to work from scratch (do it all, including the research) or you tell us part of the information and have us complete it, we are happy to do this effectively and afford ably.

COPYWRITING is the art of writing interesting advertisements to excite customers, to give them a “call to action”  to act or do something.  Really, it is about exciting your customers about what your business or products can do for them and getting those customers to act.  Sometimes you want them to buy, sometimes you simply want their contact details so you can promote to them later.  Copywriting is used in many places, but starts in your website and social media, it is more of a permanent part of your sales message.

POSTS, the short writings about relevant information and sales writing for your websites.  Perhaps there is something new being released, a new product or service, many of your customers will need to know about this and the best way is to explain it in a short paragraph and “POST IT” on your websites.  This includes social media like Facebook and Google Plus.

TWEET is the super-short POST using twitter.  Twitter is powerful at showing people you have something exciting to share with them, by putting up the short message they learn you have more information about interesting things and can quickly go to the POST on your websites to read the whole story.  Then the COPYWRITING and POSTs on your website and social media can work to sell to them.

ARTICLES are different from COPYWRITING, Articles give information and educate people who might want to become your customers.  The Articles are sent to syndication, and distributed around the internet outside of your websites just like a “news story” and sure we add in links  and encourage customers back to you, but these are the “soft-sell”, more a matter of getting the attention of new people than anything else.  Just another way to attract people by talking with them reminding them of how good your services are.  Articles really pump your SEO ranking, making it easier for new customers to find you through simple searches in Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.  everyone is interested when you publish new information and keep talking!

NEWSLETTERS, this is another service we provide and usually ties in with your Articles, Posts, Tweets and Comments inside your websites.  A regular production to give customers a reason to come to your website and of course when they are there, the customers can buy.


The important features of our creative work are:

  • ORGANIC – All work is done by people, not robots.
  • NATURAL ENGLISH LANGUAGE – All work is done by or completed by English as their first language or otherwise talented
  • INTEGRATED – Combining all of the Tweets, Posts, Comments, Articles and Copywriting gives them greater SEO and a stronger business message

Organic is very important with the later Panda and Penguin updates to Google.  These are examples of where the search engines are “weeding out” the tricks that some operators have used in the past to make websites look like they are more popular than they really are.  The more popular a website is the higher it becomes in the search engine rankings (SEO) and of course that makes more people find the site and gives more potential customers.  Websites that have used tricks to make them seem more popular can be completely delisted or penalised so that now Google pretty much ignores them.  The opposite to what they wanted.  Organic SEO with Organic (real) writing is what the search engines look for.  It gives your website a steady development with stable popularity, it is exactly the same as building your offline business.  In the real world (offline business) if you are honest and reliable with information and offers for customers, they keep coming back.

Natural English Language, all too frustrating for your customers when they don’t understand your grammar and the message is lost.  Just the same as having good speaking sales people, the information in your Tweets, Comments, Posts, etc. must help the customer so you get the sales.  For this reason, the work is always done by those staff who have excellent language skills.

Integration of all the writing grows the message, shows more popularity (SEO) and spreads the word to more people.  For instance, one person might hear about it through their Twitter account and goes to your website to buy, while another might read a Comment on Facebook and buy there.  Running the most important websites and marketing explodes your message and reaches many more people than a website alone or one social media site.



Our professional services extend to Resume creation and in particular to the social media connected to Employment – Linked In.

Linked In is the “Facebook of employment”.  Having a professional Linked In profile is a powerful assistant for career development.  In today’s age, a career minded person, must have a professionally completed resume and of course it needs to be “online” and Linked In is the place.   Even those people who work for themselves will find it an excellent place to meet similar business people, potential business partners, staff and suppliers.  Your Linked In profile also integrates with other social media and websites to further spread the good news about your business and increase your popularity (SEO) and once more drive more customers to your business.


The costs for all of our services are listed here, just click to see