Website basics explained Simply

Websites are an important part of your business identity. The internet becomes more popular with more people using it to purchase and choose products.  So marketing through the internet becomes more important.  Websites are the backbone of the internet. Think Website Marketing likes to explain things in simple terms, so probably the best way to describe it is 2 worlds.  Most business have an office or shop to operate from and without it, business would be difficult.  The business location is your place to meet and help customers in the offline world or real world,  the internet is another world – but very similar.  Websites are “shops” and “offices” of online businesses.  Really, most everything is similar in the 2 worlds, offline (your business location) and online (your internet location).

Websites are where you start with your Internet world.

Your website can do all the fundamental things you do in the offline world, like give information and help to customers, make purchases, arrange orders, make appointments, simple really.