Smart business, finding cost effective ways to save time and get more done.
It is the essence of what we do for you – FINDING SOLUTIONS!
Our Staff can save you time and money so you get back to your work quickly.
Friendly, well trained and eager.

Outsourcing can work 2 ways for you.

Managed by Think Website Marketing – our own people build, maintain and market your art, content, websites, social media, EVERYTHING. You only pay for what we you need and get ALL that you need
But if you would like to move into managing your own staff, whether it is for simple tasks or it just works better for you – talk to us and we will get you organised.
Managed by yourself – This way you have specific staff who you speak to and assign work, Think Website Marketing then ensures they do the work. Much the same as employing someone in any business, with us to keep an eye on them for you.


  • Develop a business relationship with the actual worker
  • Understand the skills that person has
  • Can reward and manage
  • Low cost, can easy get value from worker


  • Each person only has a range of skills – for instance if they are an artist, they will not be skilled in SEO
  • Your job to assign work for them
  • Wages are paid whether you find work for them or not (monthly)