Domains – your Online Name

When you “Get Smart, start to THINK” we take care of everything for you – it’s the best way, you get to enjoy your business and we get down to business on your website.  For instance, we want to take over your website name (domain) so that we ensure that it is always renewed.   The costs for recovery can be severe, so we implement many strategies to prevent you losing your website.  Believe me, it does happen.  If a competitor gets your website, they may extort you, they might not ever return it to you.  Consider the damage that would cause your business….   Best to leave it all to us.

But for those who want to do it for themselves, or simply buy a new website name – we have a great new business for them to use.


For the easy way to find new website names and to organize their websites without our management

just click this link….    EZY website Names .com

Some of the great features are:

  1. EASY  (EZY) to use
    Novice or Pro, you will find the system easy (EZY) to use with simple walkthroughs – you can also ask us for advice, if need be.
  2. Australian Pricing
    (most internet prices are USD and can cause problems with payments, additional fees, and poor exchange rates.)
  3. Broadest Range
    of different names and possibility for backorders, etc.
  4. Australian Support
    (phone, chat and email support in Australia)
  5. Think Website Marketing
    manages this business, so you can be confident about what you are doing.