Online Branding

Branding – the art and science of creating a lasting impression and memory.  It can be that image, sound or service associated with a business but the critical part is getting the attention of your customers and keeping it.

Messages come in many different ways and with different impact.  People respond to suggestions in differently, depending on their background and experiences and what they value.

Building a brand is just that, developing a concept and image that reaches your audience and continue to build on good customer experience and familiarity

Getting your online name right is the first critical step in developing a successful online business, the online name or “domain” is a unique location on the internet where people can find your business.  Obviously, it is important to get your domain as soon as possible or to get assistance to choose from what is still available in the online world.

Think Website Marketing offers a low cost service for advising and recommending what is available, what is available and how to protect that branding once you have created it.