Mobile Website & Apps

Whats the big noise about little (mobile) phones?

Smart Phones have changed the Internet completely

The revolution is about how the internet is used.  Smart phones like the iPhone and Android based phones brings the convenience of internet, right there in your hands.  Which means your customer can be carrying your website, sales information, contact details and more – if you have a website that looks and works on their phone.  Critical stuff if you want people to find your business or show your business to their friends (word of mouth advertising).

As great as the new SMART PHONES are, (with their easy-to-use touch screens) they are still have small screens and cannot show regular websites effectively.  There is too much text and it is way too small to be readable.  No mouse like with a normal computer and the whole thing simply does not work right = POOR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.


What your business needs is a separate Mobile Website which is a condensed and optimised version of your full size website.  Once the mobile website is optimised for mobile use, it will be so easy to use and fast – designed to work over 3g connections and deliver the most important information like phone numbers (tap to call), maps for directions and special offers, etc. =  GOOD CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.

Good Customer Experience means more interest in your business and more sales and the great news is Think Website Marketing can complete these sites quickly and cheaply (we do APPS too)…..  just ask….