Joint Ventures

As the name suggests, Joint Ventures are where we work with you to develop a project.

It can be simple to see how we might mutually benefit one another by combining our talents on the project or idea.
As simple as promoting one of our products or services with your client list or developing something from an early stage or working with another website designer or marketing team.

“Working together can be rewarding” 


Client Lists
An Accountant has a list of businesses which he supports and sends a regular newsletter through the postal service twice a year.
Think Website Marketing agrees to pay the postal costs adding a promotional offer to the Accountant’s clients.
Win – Win – Win,  Accountant saves costs and provides special promotion, the individual businesses make use of the promotion, Think Website Marketing gets to help more customers.
Great ideas can take a lot of energy, time and money to develop.  Taking on business partners or co-developers can bring life to a new project in the way of evolving the concept or making it a reality.  This might be a product launch such as a anti-smoking product or a gift / loyalty card.

We  welcome the opportunity to work with other professionals, please feel free to contact us for joint marketing projects, it doesn’t take much time to consider a few ideas and see if it is a working proposition and “working together can be rewarding”.