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Install BOOTSTRAP Theme, Create sign-in, log-in and Administration.
Program software to create unique keywords and use these to create unique webpages.
Create QR codes for the webpages and images of the QR codes, with the KEYWORDs and the URL of the QR code and copy these into the webpages.

This is part 1, of a much larger project.

A full introduction of this work is here

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Posted on: May 17, 2017

How to make a great password

Traditional Password Advice

Traditionally we have recommended that a “strong” password contains:

1. A minimum of 12 Characters
Making it longer, means it is harder to guess, decrypt, etc. There’s no minimum password length everyone agrees on, but you should generally go for passwords that are a minimum of 12 to 14 characters in length. Of course, a longer password would be even better, but you do have to remember it. Also you have to be able to correctly type in that password and the longer it is, the more likely you will make a typing error.
2. It should include Numbers, Symbols, Capital Letters, and Lower-Case Letters. Some software does not allow you to use symbols or capital letters or sometimes they are limited to the length of the password or other aspects like similarity to your email / login and repetition of characters – (jjohn may not be permited to repeat the j). Use the widest mix of different types of characters to make the password stronger.
3. Don’t use simple words or combinations of simple words. If it is a common word like dog, don’t make your password “dog” and don’t use “blackdog” because that isn’t much better. Using “0” to replace “o” is not much better – those obvious substitutions are known to hackers, so “blackd0g” is not much better either.
4. Mix it up! Continuing with the blackdog concept – you could add in some symbols, captials and numbers,
for example – ” MyblackD0g$123 “. Now that it is longer and more varied, it is much harder to crack and still reasonably easy to remember.

Tricks For Creating Memorable Passwords

First characters – Take a long sentence that has meaning for you (easy to remember) and use each of the first characters for your password. For example, maybe you can find it easy to remember a sentence like “My big black dog costs me so much money, I think I will go broke”, which becomes ” Mbbdcmsmmitiwgb “.

But we can improve it with some more variety…

Add more captials and change back some words…
MBIGbDOGcmsmmitiwgb ” and then

Add some symbols and perhaps change the concept a little….
MBIGbDOGcmsm$$$,itiwgb ”

All you need to remember now is the sentence and “key” to how to type it.

General Security With Passwords

It’s not all about password strength. For example, if you use the password in public places, someone might “get it”. If you use the same password for multiple accounts one leaked account password could lead to many invasions into your other accounts, lost personal information, financial loses, etc.
Using unique passwords, avoiding phishing exploits, scammers, hackers and the like. Keeping your computer safe from password-capturing malware is also important.
Keep your operating system for your computer up to date.
Use antivirus and anti malware.
Yes, creating a strong password is so important, but you need to do more.

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Posted on: April 28, 2017

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Selling Domains

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Posted on: October 15, 2015

Simple stuff to secure your website

While we can help with high level security with a full lockup, there are simple things which you really MUST do, that can go a long way to making your website super secure.

Passwords are one such thing.   If the users on a website keep simple passwords, it really doesn’t matter how much extra security we add because it will be easy for unwanted people to get it and cause all kinds of problems.

Here’s some password security suggestions…

  1. Character Range – Does your WordPress user password contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols?
  2. Real Words – Does your WordPress user password AVOID using any real words that can be found in a dictionary?
  3. Unique – Is your WordPress user password unique and not used on ANY other website or login?
  4. Unique and Different – Do you have different passwords for your web host control panel login, for your FTP access (or SSH access), your login password to your domain registrar (and any place that might also handle your DNS information), and for your email address that might be linked to that WordPress website?



Having Strong Passwords are your First, Best defence for WordPress Security

Congratulations if you have got all of this sorted, but if you haven’t.   Then please take our advice and upgrade those passwords quickly!  If you have questions, just ask us, always happy to assist.

The new WordPress can require strong passwords

In the most recent update to WordPress, (another important thing to do with WordPress Security) strong passwords are now a requirement for WordPress users.  Unfortunately, this option can be overridden and users can use the simplest of passwords.  When we setup security for your WordPress site, we force all users to ONLY have strong passwords, making this MANDATORY means you can be assured that anyone logging into your WordPress website has a good password and not opening the website to unwanted intrusion, security issues or hackers this way.

Posted on: June 16, 2012

SEO your customers are searching for you.

The idea of SEO is to make your website, social media and mobile sites work better for you – to STAND OUT so new customers can find you from just searching the internet for information.
When someone searches the internet on google (yahoo, bing, etc.) google gives a list of information on that search – the more interesting your website appears, the higher up the list you appear . The more people who see your website, the more will use your business.
Put simply, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is about making you more obvious on the internet, or easier to find. We optimise your website (social media, blogs, mobile sites, etc.) to make your published information more interesting, more relevant and connected with more of the things which people search for. We also interlink the information between your websites, blogs, facebook, google plus, twitter, and other relevant parts of the internet, etc. to make it even more interesting and important to people searching on the internet.

Staying in people’s minds is the key to good business, so this is important for your established customers also, just think of the real world and keeping their attention – so they always come to shop with you.


Some of the great things about SEO is:

  • draws many customers – millions of consumers worldwide use Google, Bing, Yahoo to search for information every day, developing SEO is developing worldwide (and local) customer brand recognition, visibility and sales.
  • works 24/7 – it is an around the clock advertising team, even after you have left the office SEO is still working hard for you.
  • ad campaigns work better – Once your website is ranking high for searches, your ad campaigns will deliver better and more customers coming to your site means more sales and more profits. Ranking strongly in the searches, means you can leave your competition behind and grab your audience’s attention first.