Think Website Marketing is always looking for dynamic and innovative people to complete work, whether it is permanent, contract or casual.
Some work is specialized, such as SEO or Programming but other work is as simple as data input, transcription or customer support.
We happily employ people from any part of the world and our only requirement is that your work is reliably completed.

As the back-end of the business is now based in Viet Nam, we are particularly interested in Vietnamese people, particularly those who can work in our offices in Da Nang.

If you would like to contact us about possible employment, please give us your relevant details and experience with type of work sought and some idea of remuneration – hourly rates or job cost (USD / VND).

Please ONLY use this form to introduce yourself.

July 2019

Part of a much larger project.
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Install BOOTSTRAP Theme, Create sign-in, log-in and Administration.
Program software to create unique keywords and use these to create unique webpages.
Create QR codes for the webpages and images of the QR codes, with the KEYWORDs and the URL of the QR code and copy these into the webpages.

This is part 1, of a much larger project.

A full introduction of this work is here

Please be sure to look at Budget and Terms, and the Questions and Answers areas for the project so you do not ask questions that are already answered.

SELLING DOMAINS – payment plus commission – April 2017 – completed

We have an extensive portfolio of DOMAINS, that we would like assistance to sell. This would involve researching and setting up the descriptions, etc. In SEDO and FILPPA, perhaps setting up a basic HTML sales site on the domain itself.
I am open to suggestions here and would like to trial you with a single domain to judge your performance, but we are looking at a LONG TERM BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP, if this works for you, it is probably a permanent job.

SMS reply APP using TWILIO – completed

We are looking for programmers in HTML 5, BOOTSTRAP with experience in the TWILIO API.
Here is the basic information, if you are interested in this work, please leave a chat message on our Skype.   “ThinkWebsite”  Expressing your interest and relevant experience and knowledge – DO NOT CALL – DO NOT SPAM US, simply introduce yourself.

This PROJECT is the development of an APP and “SYSTEM” to provide a “relay” of information from a SMS message with Reporting and eCommerce section for billing.

This project is OPEN FOR DISCUSSION, BUT CLOSING SOON, please feel free to provide insight or suggestions.  You can apply to us directly or through FREELANCER, but the terms will be the same.

Direct links are here: (while we are looking for workers)