Costs & Programs

As much as possible we keep things simple and offer the following as a guide to costs for services we provide.

Prices, Conditions and Inclusions may change from time to time and if you have suggestions or questions please be sure to contact us we always like to hear from our customers.

The basic services are divided into 3 groups

  • Simple Services   (simple short jobs)
  • Projects            (core business solutions to grow your business)
  • Special Offers   (available for short term or new and exciting)

If you wish to discuss the best use of your marketing dollar, talk to one of our advisers through skype (ThinkWebsite) or contact by phone, etc. Then we can give you the expert advice you deserve and will come to count on.

Simple Services


Simple websites start from $99 for single page, $280 for basic “brochure” style website.

description:    most of our Projects are developed in Bootstrap, using J query, HTML 5, etc., most of our websites are created in WordPress.  WordPress offers significant opportunities to start simple and build big.  It also allows the customer to be involved with the development of the website and it’s content, where the customer wants that.  It is a simple, highly effective way to get online and get noticed with over 35 million WordPress sites online currently.

differences:   cost depends on how big the website is and what it includes, can do, etc.  Obviously the more complex the more cost.  Keep in mind the way we create websites let them grow from simple websites into much, much more by adding:

  • size (number of pages)
  • content (what is put into the website)
  • plug-ins (the features in the website)
  • art (drawings, graphics, logos and pictures)
  • function (what technology is needed)

what is included:






with 1 year hosting

Sales Page On page sales page








Standard Website HeaderSidebar


Explain businessContact details

Show Products (5)

home page, contact us, about us, privacy policy, products




(as above, plus)

Business Website Sell Products (5 – 30)Get paid sales pagethank you