About us

Think Website Marketing is an innovative web consultancy for ONLINE MARKETING.

A lot of big words really, what we like to do is bring the best of the latest and wrap it up into the web and make it work for you.


Key #1 – Keep it Simple

Where possible we focus on explaining things in simple terms (the whole [internet] thing gets a little complicated at times).

Key #2 – Give Value

Keeping costs down is important to you and important to us.  Doing things efficiently without charging too much is the key to giving great value to small business.

We do it all, but the thing we really do best is getting businesses online quickly and cheaply.  Our Marketing Programs give you exactly what you need to have a strong presence in the online world.  Marketing Programs include all the essentials, website, mobile website, facebook, Google plus, YouTube and better than that, it gives you regular information updates so that people remain interested and Google will find you.
All of this, with   NO MAJOR UPFRONT COSTS   because everything is rolled into a monthly service charge to maintain the sites and keep them up to date.


Key #3 – Customer Focused

We concentrate on Small and Medium Business.  Online marketing is often a forgotten part of small business (with no time and little money) but critical to find new prospects and take care of old customers.  But people expect you will take care of them whenever and however they visit you including online.  This is where we fit in, making online marketing work for you.  Everything we do is scalable, so we can grow your marketing as your business grows and it doesn’t matter if you have a million dollar budget or just starting.

Happy customers makes business a pleasure, we do good work, and focus on customer satisfaction.  I guess that is the secret to happy customers, we don’t always get it right, but we keep trying until it is.


Key #4 – Stay Up To Date

To get you the best technology we travel and study across the world, likewise to get you the best value we hire people across the world.  It is our job to find what works and to make it work for you.  The online world is a fast paced, constantly changing place and we are here to keep you in the race for customers and profits.