Customers are searching for you
Posted on: June 16, 2012

SEO your customers are searching for you.

The idea of SEO is to make your website, social media and mobile sites work better for you – to STAND OUT so new customers can find you from just searching the internet for information.
When someone searches the internet on google (yahoo, bing, etc.) google gives a list of information on that search – the more interesting your website appears, the higher up the list you appear . The more people who see your website, the more will use your business.
Put simply, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is about making you more obvious on the internet, or easier to find. We optimise your website (social media, blogs, mobile sites, etc.) to make your published information more interesting, more relevant and connected with more of the things which people search for. We also interlink the information between your websites, blogs, facebook, google plus, twitter, and other relevant parts of the internet, etc. to make it even more interesting and important to people searching on the internet.

Staying in people’s minds is the key to good business, so this is important for your established customers also, just think of the real world and keeping their attention – so they always come to shop with you.


Some of the great things about SEO is:

  • draws many customers – millions of consumers worldwide use Google, Bing, Yahoo to search for information every day, developing SEO is developing worldwide (and local) customer brand recognition, visibility and sales.
  • works 24/7 – it is an around the clock advertising team, even after you have left the office SEO is still working hard for you.
  • ad campaigns work better – Once your website is ranking high for searches, your ad campaigns will deliver better and more customers coming to your site means more sales and more profits. Ranking strongly in the searches, means you can leave your competition behind and grab your audience’s attention first.