Posted on: June 16, 2012

Video for the WOW factor !

Entertain and capture your audience’s attention with stunning audio-visual presentations
that WOW your audience.
The simplest of video can be highly persuasive and carry great impact.  Nothing delivers
information more effectively than video and drives customers better.

Promotional and Training videos can be as simple as narration of your pictures and
photographs through to onsite High Definition Filming with professional actors.
Ideal for Product Launches where a massive impact is needed.

Send your message VIRAL – tie it into YouTube with Social Media and MOBILE phone delivery.


Tell your story…


  • Promotional Video
  • YouTube clips
  • Audio-Visual presentation
  • Script development
  • Story boards
  • Onsite filming
  • Voice over
  • Video editing
  • Training video
  • Product launches

Posted on: June 14, 2012

Branding – the art and science of creating a lasting impression and memory.  It can be that image, sound or service associated with a business but the critical part is getting the attention of your customers and keeping it.

Messages come in many different ways and with different impact.  People respond to suggestions in differently, depending on their background and experiences and what they value.

Building a brand is just that, developing a concept and image that reaches your audience and continue to build on good customer experience and familiarity

Getting your online name right is the first critical step in developing a successful online business, the online name or “domain” is a unique location on the internet where people can find your business.  Obviously, it is important to get your domain as soon as possible or to get assistance to choose from what is still available in the online world.

Think Website Marketing offers a low cost service for advising and recommending what is available, what is available and how to protect that branding once you have created it.

Posted on: June 11, 2012

Whats the big noise about little (mobile) phones?

Smart Phones have changed the Internet completely

The revolution is about how the internet is used.  Smart phones like the iPhone and Android based phones brings the convenience of internet, right there in your hands.  Which means your customer can be carrying your website, sales information, contact details and more – if you have a website that looks and works on their phone.  Critical stuff if you want people to find your business or show your business to their friends (word of mouth advertising).

As great as the new SMART PHONES are, (with their easy-to-use touch screens) they are still have small screens and cannot show regular websites effectively.  There is too much text and it is way too small to be readable.  No mouse like with a normal computer and the whole thing simply does not work right = POOR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.


What your business needs is a separate Mobile Website a condensed and optimised version of your full size website.  Once the mobile website is optimised for mobile use, it will be so easy to use and fast – designed to work over 3g connections and deliver the most important information like phone numbers (tap to call), maps for directions and special offers, etc. =  GOOD CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.

Good Customer Experience means more interest in your business and more sales and the great news is Think Website Marketing can complete these sites quickly and cheaply (we do APPS too)…..  just ask….

Posted on: June 11, 2012

What is this thing called? Love…. Social Media


And more importantly, how does it help my business?

First up, Social Media is best described as those websites where the members of the website interact socially, like a dating website or facebook.  There are thousands of these, where people get together and chat, discuss and share.
The last part of that is the important part for business….   They share.  Sharing is recommending, it is word-of-mouth advertising and of course in the real world, word of mouth is the most powerful advertising of all.
Whether you like to talk, chat, poke, tweet, post, blog, comment, digg, like, pin or plus one, people like to get together and discuss things and every business wants to be involved in that.

Real world   VS  Online world?

I like to always compare to the real world and many local business are popular because they do the right thing, in their local community.  Like supporting the local football team and turning up to matches, being seen…  In the online world this is done through facebook fan pages and google business pages, twitter, your business website, etc.  The more you get involved, the more interest there is and the search engines (google) like it – so they recommend you to people who are searching for things on the internet, like what your business offers.
It works together, just like a gathering of people and that is why it is so important to have Social Media.