Contact Us

Amongst the best ways to contact us is skype.

Our Skype is ThinkWebsite, and can be contacted during business hours where we can “chat” through the keyboard to answer any of your queries.  Skype also gives us the opportunity to do “phone calls” and video conference with you.  There are some other features with Skype as well which may come in handy and we usually answer straight away.  Best way to contact us internationally as well

Telephone is easy.

Our main telephone number is 07 3040 3042, easy to remember, an Australian number, so if you wish to call please add your international call code XXXX + 61 (Australia) + 7 3040 3042 (there is no zero for the international call)  keep in mind any time zone differences.

Contact form is best.

A very reliable way to contact us and easy too, this way your enquiry gets sorted and directed to the right person to care for you.

Email is good.

Depending on what help you are looking for, you can send an email to the appropriate person.
sales@, webmaster@, or the representative’s name e.g. ken@  or graham.t@ or jinny.s  also we use a short version of our emails
e.g. tom@twm.im, instead of tom@ThinkWebsiteMarketing.com

Core Business Hours:   (often available out of hours as well)

Monday – Friday
9 am – 6 pm
AET (Australian Eastern Time) or GMT +10