Costs do vary depending on the work that we do.  Where ever possible, we prefer to really support our customers by rolling it into a service plan.
Service plans can include many things and are designed to maintain and develop the sites, etc.  This means that a specific amount of time is allocated to your sites to maintain, develop, update or promote them EACH MONTH. This keeps the sites, etc. fresh, interesting and relevant to customers – Google will show in searches, etc.
Sometimes the development costs or the nature of a project forces us to charge in advance.
Typically, we work on a NO MAJOR UPFRONT COSTS basis.
All we ask is that customers remain 3 months in advance for their monthly service charge.
Monthly service charges include all the essentials, done simply, so you don’t need to worry – remember what we say….      THINK    –  Its’ what we do, so you can get back to work.


Payments can be made by direct deposit, paypal or similiar fund transfer systems.  Paypal allows you to use your credit card without releasing the details of your card to us.

Joint Ventures

Always welcome, large or small with our customers or other professionals  “Working together can be rewarding” 

Domains (Website Names)


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Transferring to Think Website Marketing can be easy and