WordPress security made simple
Posted on: October 15, 2015

Simple stuff to secure your website

While we can help with high level security with a full lockup, there are simple things which you really MUST do, that can go a long way to making your website super secure.

Passwords are one such thing.   If the users on a website keep simple passwords, it really doesn’t matter how much extra security we add because it will be easy for unwanted people to get it and cause all kinds of problems.

Here’s some password security suggestions…

  1. Character Range – Does your WordPress user password contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols?
  2. Real Words – Does your WordPress user password AVOID using any real words that can be found in a dictionary?
  3. Unique – Is your WordPress user password unique and not used on ANY other website or login?
  4. Unique and Different – Do you have different passwords for your web host control panel login, for your FTP access (or SSH access), your login password to your domain registrar (and any place that might also handle your DNS information), and for your email address that might be linked to that WordPress website?



Having Strong Passwords are your First, Best defence for WordPress Security

Congratulations if you have got all of this sorted, but if you haven’t.   Then please take our advice and upgrade those passwords quickly!  If you have questions, just ask us, always happy to assist.

The new WordPress can require strong passwords

In the most recent update to WordPress, (another important thing to do with WordPress Security) strong passwords are now a requirement for WordPress users.  Unfortunately, this option can be overridden and users can use the simplest of passwords.  When we setup security for your WordPress site, we force all users to ONLY have strong passwords, making this MANDATORY means you can be assured that anyone logging into your WordPress website has a good password and not opening the website to unwanted intrusion, security issues or hackers this way.